Uncharted Waters Album

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An album of lyrical violin, melodic guitar and powerful vocals telling the stories of love, life, loss, happiness and sadness.
A journey of discovery, a voyage into the unknown, a process of learning about the world and about yourself.

This album was released in December 2019 and debuted at the Straz, Performing Arts Center in Tampa.

Songs contained include:

Song #1, Beginnings
Song #3, Rhapsody in Romance,
Song #8, Tom’s Pumpkin
Song #10, Midnight Cactus Flower
Song #12, 911’s Hallway
Song #9 Natalie’s Attitude Allegro
Song #5, Along the Way
Song #2, Breath of Man
Song #13, Sandor’s Violin
Song #11, Lover’s Quandary

Charles Calandra composed each song and performs the guitar and vocals. He alternates between the steal string guitar and the classical guitar.

Michelle Jones is on violin where noted! The violin helps to allow the music and story to come alive.


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