Charles at Morrisound Studio recording Uncharted Waters

About the Composer

Charles Calandra is a composer and performing guitarist. He formed Calandra, an Eloquent Blending of Strings in 2007 and has featured accomplished violinists. His compositions defy any specific genre.

The music is very melodic and emotional in content and has been well received. Charles is currently recording two albums at Morrisound Recording, Inc. in Tampa, with release dates projected for 2018.




Uncharted Waters


Calandra: an Eloquent Blending of Strings first album release.

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December 22, 2018

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About the Featured Violinist

Michelle Jones is a Grammy recording artist, producer, composer/arranger and international violin and viola instrumentalist crossing all music genres. Michelle has performed on three continents, including the Prestigious Hall of Congress in Beijing, China. Michelle has composed and recorded music for films and full-length documentaries. She has worked with Robin Cowie and other celebrated producers.